Send letters and other documents to your clients that extend your vision to their eyes. With CommSys, you have the tools it takes to send more than just words, you can send a picture of your company’s vision with every communication.

Our template-based document processing engine easily bolts on to your existing applications or can run stand-alone, giving you a
complete set of tools to send information to your customers by print, fax, or email.

No more complex, hard-to-understand, processes that take a rocket scientist to figure out how to get them to work. With CommSys, our “word”-like template editor provides an easy-to-use canvas for you to design documents to distribute to your customers, business-partners, associates, employees, etc. In a flash, you can create customized document templates with your company’s look-and-feel. Easy to use drop-down menus allow you to include fields from your databases, applications, or spreadsheets in the templates. Here is an example of the flow when you use CommSys with one of your applications:

  • Create a document template. These templates contain placeholders for information from your databases, applications, spreadsheets, etc. They also can include graphics, check boxes, tables, etc.
  • When your users are in one of your applications, CommSys automatically knows the templates you have created for use. With the
    simple press of a key, your users are presented with a list of the templates available to them based on where they are in your application.
  • Your user simply picks the document they want to send. If needed, you can also prompt the user for additional information , as
  • CommSys does the rest. Processing the template with data from your application and creating a pdf file of the results with is
    automatically sent on to its appropriate destination.

Batch processing of documents is also supported, allowing you to produce mass mailings quickly and effectively. CommSys provides
a number of options to allow you the flexibility to work with CommSys without impacting your productivity. On the contrary, CommSys provides a quick way to:

  • Boost productivity
  • Ensure accurate communications
  • Allow your company to express itself with its own “look and feel”

CommSys easily interfaces with virtually any other product allowing you to merge your information right into the documents you design, then automatically prints, emails or faxes the resulting document to the appropriate destination (and saves a searchable copy for you for future

  • Dynamic Paragraphs
  • Dynamic Header/Detail Documents
  • Need BarCodes?
  • Batch Processing or Pend-for-Review
  • Advanced functionality in CommSys
  • When a Template needs to dynamically change based on your application’s data, CommSys Delivers!

In addition to simple mail merge functionality, CommSys also allows you change the output document based on information in your systems. Fields or even complete paragraphs of information can be hidden or changed based on criteria you define. For example, suppose you have a document you currently produce that you manually have to change a paragraph in based on the value of a field in your application. With CommSys, you can easily add all the paragraphs in to the template and tell CommSys to display only the paragraph that is appropriate. And the criteria can be more complex. If you need to look at more than one field to determine what to display, CommSys Delivers!

Perhaps you have some letters you need to create that include both header and detail information, such as an invoicing application, our a healthcare explanation of benefits. CommSys Delivers! A CommSys template can display all the detail lines, or filter what is displayed on a template with criteria you supply.

For example, a health care claims organization needs to send out a letter identifying those services that have been denied on a claim. In CommSys, you can easily display the lines with criteria that says,”Only show the lines that were denied”.