DocAffirm AutoFlow

DocAffirm AutoFlow is Heartland Data Management, Inc.’s newest product designed to control, focus, and implement workflow automation throughout your company’s various business processes. This workflow enhancement tool allows you to automate and control groups of tasks that you currently perform manually. The complete monitoring of tasks provided by DocAffirm allows you easy access to the status of tasks and processes at any time, with the added ability to be able to intervene in the process at will. DocAffirm controls ensure that your processes are completed in the necessary order to facilitate the completion of the ultimate task objective, while automating as many tasks as possible and increasing the speed of completion of the objective.

The framework of DocAffirm allows easy automation of the interactions between it and the following software programs:

In addition, our automation experts here at Heartland Data Management, Inc. can write any number of additional custom modules that can link to the other software programs you use. These modules could require a small additional fee, but each piece of the puzzle you automate increases speed and reduces error costs. We love that we can create great win-win situations for our clients all the time! Get our whitepaper by filling out the form in the sidebar, and you can see specific case studies on how we have helped out clients!

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