DocAffirm Imaging

Decide what you want to search for. The flexibility in the DocAffirm solution also makes it easy to decide what fields you want to capture. Yes, it’s true. With the DocAffirm product, you have the freedom to change the fields you would like to index and search. Some customers also segregate their image information for various reasons. The DocAffirm product allows you not only to easily categorize the documents you index, but also lets you customize the fields you would like to capture for each document set. Whether it’s invoices, contracts, health care forms, or other documents, DocAffirm can help your company save time looking for documents. Lost and misplaced documents are a costly expense to many organizations. DocAffirm can save you money and time.

Powerful Features – Easy to Integrate

Whether its simply viewing images, updating indexed fields, or indexing groups of documents in our high-speed queue-based mode, DocAffirm is there to help you. Our DocAffirm image viewer was designed from the start to facilitate the indexing and searching of documents efficiently.
From the simple navigation features, to the built in workflow processing, DocAffirm helps speed up the indexing process while improving accuracy of document indexing. What’s more, the DocAffirm indexing solution has been designed to allow easy interfacing to other systems. Customized interface solutions are also available.

You Decide…

DocAffirm works for you to bring your document processing needs under control. DocAffirm’s proven technology allows you to capture documents via fax, scanning or electronic import. Get an easy-to-use indexing solution for your documents that can be run locally or remotely across the web. For example, one DocAffirm client processes documents related to class action lawsuits. Attorneys at various remote locations review the documents and add indexing information, identifying documents important to the suits. Later, pertinent documents are easily extracted for printing or saving in electronic format.

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